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As an alternative to online ordering, use our 2018 paper order form. Print the form after opening it.
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Website Ordering

  1. Complete the Billing and Shipping information (if different), as well as the payment information.

  2. Choose the design (Traditional or Financial) you want. (Please submit a separate order for each type. Orders will combine for shipping and billing.)

  3. Select your Holidays and Top Hats (below) by entering in each column the number of signs you want for ALL of your locations.

    NOTE: To obtain your total signs ordered, press the "Calculate Totals" button at the bottom of the "Holiday Signs" and/or "Top-Hats" order form after entering or changing the number of signs.

  4. Include any special handling instructions or other information in the Comments box at the end of the Order form.

  5. Submit the order form to us by pressing the Submit button at the bottom of the form (only once).
You can pay for your signs by credit card, check or we can invoice you (with or
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Here's our Price List and Special Shipping Information.

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ORDER FORM - 2017 / 2018

Choose One Sign Type

(Please submit a SEPARATE ORDER for each type.
Orders will be COMBINED for shipping and billing.)

Traditional   Financial   Open

Holidays 2017 Date Counter Classic Door Jumbo Colonial Door Static Cling
Labor Day Mon. Sep. 4
Columbus Day Mon. Oct. 9
Veterans Day Sat. Nov. 11
Thanksgiving Day Thurs. Nov. 23
Thanksgiving Obs. Thur. / Fri. Nov. 23 & 24
Christmas Obs. Mon. Dec. 25
Holidays 2018 Date Counter Classic Door Jumbo Colonial Door Static Cling
New Year's Day Mon. Jan. 1
Martin L. King, Jr. Day Mon. Jan. 15
Presidents' Day Mon. Feb. 19
Mardi Gras Tue. Feb. 13  
Good Friday Fri. Mar. 30  
Good Friday Noon Fri. Mar. 30    
Easter Sunday We Will Close    
Memorial Day Mon. May 28
Independence Day Wed. Jul. 4
Labor Day Mon. Sep. 3
Columbus Day Mon. Oct. 8
Veterans Day Sun. Nov. 11    
Veterans Day Obs. Mon. Nov. 12
Thanksgiving Day Thurs. Nov. 22
Thanksgiving Obs. Thurs. / Fri. Nov. 22 & 23
Christmas Day Tues. Dec. 25
Christmas Obs. Mon. / Tues. Dec. 24 & 25    
We Will Open Two Blank Lines        
We Will Close Two Blank Lines        
Please Remove Hats, Hoods and Sunglasses         
Column Totals 
Total "Holiday Signs" Ordered    


TopHat Counter Door Jumbo Static Cling
Drive-Thru Hrs.
Close Sat. After...
Close Sat. Before...
Supermarket Open...
Fri. After Tksgvng...
We Will Close At...
We Will Close...
Special Hrs. OPEN
Spanish: We Will Close...
TopHat Counter Door Jumbo Static Cling
New Years Eve . . . We Will Close
All Day
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
3:00 PM
Fill in the Blank
TopHat Counter Door Jumbo Static Cling
Christmas Eve . . . We Will Close
All Day
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
3:00 PM
Fill in the Blank
Column Totals
Total Regular TopHats
(Counter + Door + Jumbo) =

Total Static Cling TopHats


Please enter the total cost of ALL signs ordered. If there is a substantial difference in
your total and the actual cost, we will contact you before billing or shipping.

(Total Holiday Signs x Price) + (Total Top Hats x Price) + Shipping +

Sales Tax (LA residents only) = Total Order $
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